History, culture and entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo

Yantra Grand Hotel is situated in the Old Town of Veliko Tarnovo. Just within minutes walk from the hotel is

Samovodska Charshiya street
with traditional craft workshops, cosy art galleries and souvenir shops, that keep the spirit of the Renaissance.

Gourko street
near Yantra Grand Hotel fascinates with its romantic Bulgarian Revival houses. Tsarevets architectural museum reserve and Trapezitsa historical hill are just opposite the hotel. It is worth seeing the rich treasure collections of votive tablets, ceramics, coins and unique golden jewelry from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages at Veliko Tarnovo Archeological museum. Visit the Revival museum, housed in the Old Konak building of Kolyu Ficheto, where the first constitution of Bulgaria - Tarnovo Constitution was adopted in April 1879, and the Ethnographic museum - in Hadzhi Nikola inn. Tarnovo is also known for its numerous churches of historical and cultural significance to Bulgaria, among them St. George, St. Peter and Paul, St. Nikola, St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Constantine and Helen, St. Demetrius and 40 Holy Forty Martyrs.

Arbanassi architectural museum-reserve with old castle-houses, two monasteries and five churches from 16th - 17th century is located just 4 km from Veliko Tarnovo.

Nicopolis ad Istrum archeological reserve with remnants of a Roman town, founded by Emperor Trajan at the beginning of 2nd century in memory of his victory over the Dacians is situated 17 km from Veliko Tarnovo.

For groups, Yantra Grand Hotel organizes one-day trips to the architectural and historic reserve of Bozhentsi village with a visit to Draynovski Monastery and BachoKiroCave, as well as wine tasting at Petropavlovski Monastery.

At Yantra Grand Hotel you can receive detailed information about nearby cultural and historical sites, museums, churches, monasteries, dance clubs, night clubs, bowling halls and other places of entertainment.

Games for grown-ups

Yantra Grand Hotel, together with its partners, offers team building programs that can meet the logistics of any company event.

  • Adventure

  • Military

  • Adrenaline

  • Sports and team building

  • Relaxing

  • Culture & knowledge

Thematic evening parties:      

  • Mr. & Mrs. competition

  • Hawaiian party

  • Pirate party

  • Retro party

  • Cowboy party

  • Folklore party

  • Oriental party

  • Mask party